Roleplay Tenkaichi Training Guide

In Roleplay Tenkaichi, there are a multitude of ways to increase your character's stats, and different ways to select which stats are raised. First, there's the "stat focus" verb, which allows you to select which stat you want to focus on. Then, different training methods raise different stats.

There are three passive training methods that require very little input from the player.

A verb that puts your character into a meditative/rest state in which their health and energy recover faster. You can select to train intelligence, magic, or the force/resistance stats, or nothing at all. It also automatically raises your energy and BP. The rate of gain is slow, but constant.
Self Training
A verb that puts your character into the training state, which spends current energy to raise strength and/or endurance. It also raises energy and BP. The rate of gain is slow, but constant.
A verb that puts your character into a flight state. While mostly used for movement, it also raises energy and BP.
Super Flying
A verb that puts your character into a faster flight state at the cost of more energy drain. It raises energy and BP 2x faster than regular fly and has the chance to increase your characters lifespan
The rest of the training methods require more player attention, because they're all based on attacking an object, or fighting someone.

Arguably the best all around training method, it raises all of your stats and is arguably the best training method for stat progression. Both characters must be hitting each other to gain, and each fighter will be able to learn from the other, to help them become better fighters. The downfall of this method, is that you cannot easily choose which stats to improve, as all stats (based on Stat Focus) will increase. Far more effective then both the wooden log and the punching bag.
A training method that consists in hitting the proper side of an object for gains. It requires a lot of player input and it mostly raises stats. The rate you gain at is slightly superior to a Punching Bag.
Punching bags/Magic Goo
Mostly boost energy and BP with very tiny stat gains. Handy and accessible for most, easy to resort to when alone. But do keep in mind that you'll be progressing far slower opposed to sparring another player.
These create a simulation of yourself for the purpose of sparring. You will gain slower compared to fighting an actual fighter, but you will be able to train at your own pace.
Split Forms
This is when you create a clone of your character for the purposes of sparring by using a special technique. They have high gains, but you cannot fly when fighting them. A cut above the rest gain wise, but still inferior to actual sparring as you will not learn from your opponent.
Utilizing the blast technique repeteadly increases both force and offense. You will gain less BP and energy than flying, and less Force than meditating.
In Roleplay Tenkaichi, there are a variety of tools that increase the gains you earn through other training methods!

A device made by technology that alters the gravity field of a set area. Gravity can hurt you and depending on the game version, kill you at too high a level above your mastery. However, when training in levels above your mastery you receive heightened gains based on how heavy it is. Furthermore, your BP is increased permanently with each level that is mastered. (~625x Grav Mastery = 2x Current BP)
They nerf your BP and speed...But in exchange, you gain more BP while you wear them, so long as you are at your maximum weight.
Hyperbolic Time Chamber
A special room where time passes much faster than normal, in exchange for the increased time, you will also be able to get training done at an alarmingly faster rate.
Majin Realm
Upon being absorbed by a Majin, you get sent into their insides. You may be trapped, but you'll gain faster than the outside world.