Hello, newcomers!

This is the Roleplay Tenkaichi guide! This guide will explain all the questions you might have to ask.

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Start/New to Roleplay Tenkaichi

You've joined the game, what now?
Upon logging into RT, you’re presented with two options. (assuming it’s your first time, loading your save doesn’t count) These, of course, are to either exit the game or create a new character. If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely gone the latter route.

With the selection of the “new character” option comes a selection of races. Now, I know it can be overwhelming to encounter so many words in this text based roleplaying game, but fret not! There’s a wiki with even more words readily available! (RT Wiki).

When you’re done skimming a few articles, you’ll come back to a fairly intuitive character creation screen. Remember, the Wiki is updated by players and is not always the most up to date and accurate information available.
Know what’s more terrifying than words? MATH! Fear not, though! There’s a discord where you can inquire about builds! Though you should be warned… It’s not always optimal to go with whatever everyone says the meta is. In fact, building around BEATING aforementioned meta is actually pretty viable. Don’t count on you having the edge for the entire wipe, though. ALSO! This is vital! Remember that every race will have their point in the wipe where they are strong. (RT Discord)

Rules and Roleplay

With any roleplaying environment comes a set of rules and regulations. The first thing you should do is read through them thoroughly. Familiarity with the rules means less admin interference. Less admin interference means less instances of RP situations being stretched by an unreasonable amount of time. Nobody enjoys 3 hour deathmatches that could’ve been ended in 1.

First off, there is Roleplay (RP).

What is RP?

RP stands for Role-play(ing), which is where players act as a character and make choices as their character, based off their previous actions and interactions with other player-characters. Characters are normally fictional and original, which means they're completely made up. RPing is like acting, where you just pretend to be someone else, and try to make choices by thinking as your character, not as yourself, and how your character would go about interacting with the world and people around them.

Why RP?

Because it's fun. Everyone has a different reason for enjoying roleplay, but whether it's to pretend to be someone you're not, or to talk to or meet other people, or even because there's nothing better to do, in the end it is because RPing is a fun way to bring life to a world and story with other people. In terms of the game itself, roleplay is essential to your progress. RP is the main thing you have to do in this game. Without RP, this game would be just as bland and boring as any other verb game. RP is what you do whenever you want to do some sort of action that could possibly harm you, others, or just some type of action in general. Picture yourself trying to pick something up, or trying to hit someone. Those are all things that you'd want to RP in-game.

How do I RP?

You would need to RP it by going to the Other tab in the info browser, pressing 'Emote', and then typing your action into the window that opens. You can also use the command-line at the bottom of the game-window to type the verb 'Emote' and press Enter on your keyboard to open the window. (See the Macros section for information on how to bind the Emote verb to a key.) This seems a little confusing, so here's an example:


‘Says’ are actually made up of several subcategories.There are thoughts, says, and LOOC.

Just using the ‘say’ verb will produce a say. Like ‘Gomen says, “I really, really like this painting.”’ ‘Thoughts’ would equate to ‘Gomen thinks, Thoughts are activated by placing a < or an > on either side of the say.

LOOC is like plain old OOC, except generally the message is only visible to people within 15-ish tiles of you.

So you can see, there was first something going on in-character (ICly), two people sparring. So player Gabriel makes a roleplay, or a post, using the emote verb to describe what his character was doing when he watched the two people sparring accidentally destroy a player-made building.

This started a little back-and-forth between those involved, using both the 'Say' and 'Emote' verbs. Both count as roleplay.


Godmodding is taking control of another player's character during roleplay. It's frowned upon and with good reason: you only control your character and no one else's. Here's an example...
You can see here, that Gabriel pretty much said what Lucifer did, not allowing Lucifer the ability to respond with his own characters reactions, or even allow him to avoid a fatal technique. This isn't within the power of your character, and also does not allow Lucifer to play the game, and react how he wishes his character to react.


Then there is OOC. OOC stands for Out-of-Character, and is used whenever you want to message others without RPing. In OOC you can say whatever you want. Unless it is harmful towards others or awfully rude. Either way, you can say whatever you want. You can use local OOC via the 'Say' verb, just put your message within parenthesis like so:

(Meta-gaming, telling others bugs to abuse, etc in OOC would be considered something you cannot do and you WILL be punished for it.)

One nifty thing you can do in RT is change your icon, as in your player model. Simply click on the “Customization” tab, and select “Change Icon”. It’s self explanatory.
Alright, you’ve made a character. Clothing yourself is super easy! Head to the ‘Customization’ tab again and go to clothes. You’ll get a list of clothing icons. These can be changed just as your player icon can be changed.
Now you have your spruced up character model!


The next thing you should know is how to make Macros. Macros are pretty easy to do. You simply right click the white space at the top of your game, go to Client, then click Macros. Once there, you press New Macro, which takes you to a place where you can make your macro. Put whatever Key you want. The key I personally use is Spacebar. To put Spacebar, you either type in 'Space,' or go to 'Find Key.' Same with other things that you cannot just type in, like the Alt key or the Shift key. If you are going to attack or shoot blasts, you should most likely put the Macro to repeat, then make the command as whatever you want the verb to be. Once done, you press Ok, and BOOM! You have your macro.

Building your Character

Building your character is where you make who you will be portraying through the entirety of the wipe. You will be able to choose your race, your body size, your gender, and even your age! You will also be able to choose where to put certain stat points to give your character a certain uniqueness. Below is a way to test different characters builds. (Remember, this spreadsheet is not always up to date!)

Although Roleplay Tenkaichi is a roleplaying game, stats and skills still come into play when determining in-character outcomes. Here's some hopeful information on your stats and things that affect them.


Battle Power (BP)

BP is essentially a ratio. Let’s say Player A has 5,000 offense, and Player B with 5,000 defense. Depending on how high of a difference there is between your BP and their’s, these values change. There isn’t a visual indicator for this, but trust me on it. Let’s also say Player A’s BP is about 125% of Player B’s. Player A’s offense would effectively become 6,250 against Player B’s 5,000 defense. This is merely an example, though. The amount of BP you can gain depends on race. The lower a race’s BP modifier GENERALLY means they have higher combat stats to compensate.


Energy measures your stamina in a fight. Energy, along with recovery, dictate how well you are able to hold buffs, how high you can charge up beams, how long you can self train for, how long you can fly. Generally, you shouldn’t really need to invest into it at all unless you’re a custom alien.


This stat dictates how damage your melee attacks and melee based skills hit for. It also determines how heavy your training weights can be. Your strength can be augmented by swords, gauntlets, and hammers.


Endurance is the amount of damage you receive from attacks. There isn’t a whole lot to elaborate on, here.


Force is what dictates the damage your Ki based attacks do. This is for your Kamehameha’s, your Final Flash’s, etc.


Speed dictates how fast you can hit. It also contributes 15% of itself to your offense and defense. 10,000 speed translates out to 1,500 added to your offense and defense. It’s debuffed by 15% when using a hammer.


Offense dictates how accurate you are, making it fairly important to invest into for any melee build.


Defense dictates how often you dodge hits. You need at least a decent amount of either offense or defense if you plan on winning many fights. If you can get both to around a 3x mod or even higher, more power to you.


Regeneration dictates how much HP you regain while fighting and meditating. Really well optimized tanks could potentially regen back to full HP mid-combat, occasionally even just a few seconds after they were knocked down to 30%.


Recovery dictates how high you can “power up”, which can either close the gap with someone or widen the gap, depending on how high your BP is. Having a lot of recovery also makes it so you can comfortably hold buffs earlier than other people. Over-investing in recovery isn’t necessarily recommended, as it makes being stat walled a whole lot easier. It’s still like splitting a point between all of your individual stat mods when you invest, though.

Body Sizes

Body Description Stat Effects

Small characters represent a member of their race that is shorter and/or leaner than the average by quite a bit.

Vegeta, Krillin, Chiaotzu, or Roshi can be seen as a small member of their race.

Strength: 70%
Endurance: 75%

Speed: 125%
Force: 120%

Offense: 115%
Defense: 130%


Medium characters represent a member of their race that falls in line with the normal height/weight of their kind. Goku, Gohan, Future Trunks, or Tien can be seen as a medium member of their race.

It does not apply any changes to your base modifiers, leaving you at the standard scores in each for your race.

Regeneration: 110%

Knockback Resistance: 1


Large characters represent a member of their race that is taller and/or bulkier than the average by quite a bit.

Nappa, King Kold, Ox King, or King Piccolo can be seen as a large member of their race.

Strength: 120%
Endurance: 135%

Speed: 80%
Defense: 80%

Knockback Resistance: 5